Is low oil pressure always a problem with the engine oil? (Part 2)

Oil filter clogging

If the opening pressure of the bypass valve is set too high, when the oil filter is blocked, it cannot be opened in time, the pressure of the oil pump will rise, the internal leakage will increase, the oil supply to the main oil channel will be reduced, and the oil pressure will drop.

You should ensure the oil filter is clean, adjust the opening pressure of the bypass valve correctly, and replace or repair the damaged components or mating surface in time to restore its normal working performance.

Engine temperature is too high

If the engine cooling system too much scale, poor heat dissipation, long time overload operation or injection pump oil supply time is too late, etc. will make the engine overheat, accelerate the aging of the oil, deterioration, thinning, leakage from the gap, the pressure is reduced, should remove the scale, adjust the oil supply time, so that the engine work within the rated load.

Main bearing and connecting rod bearing clearance increases

After long-term use of the engine, the main crankshaft and connecting rod bearing clearance gradually increases, leakage increases, and the oil pressure drops.

Pressure limiting valve setting pressure is too low

In the lubrication system, the oil pump pumped oil in the engine lubrication parts before reaching, must ensure that the appropriate pressure, if the pressure limit valve set pressure is too low, the regulator spring becomes soft or sealing surface leakage, will cause the set pressure is too low, then the pressure limit valve should be adjusted to restore normal pressure.

Bypass valve damage

If the regulating spring is softened or improperly adjusted, and the valve seat is worn or stuck with the mating surface of the steel ball and not closed properly, the oil return volume will increase and the pressure of the main oil channel will drop, then the bypass valve should be removed for inspection and the pressure should be adjusted to the normal range.

Collector filter blockage

Under normal circumstances, the oil pressure in the big throttle should be higher than the small throttle, but sometimes there will be anomalous situation, if the oil is too dirty, too viscous, it is easy to block the filter set, when the engine is running at low speed at low throttle, due to the oil pump suction volume is not large, the main oil channel can still establish a certain pressure, and thus the oil pressure is normal.

But when increasing the throttle high-speed operation, the oil pump suction volume will be too large because of the set filter resistance and significantly reduced, so the main oil supply is not enough oil pressure gauge value instead of falling, should be cleaned suction set filter, or replace the oil.

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