Is low oil pressure always a problem with the engine oil? (Part 1)

I believe that all diesel engine users know that low oil pressure is a very serious abnormal fault. Not only can it not work normally, but also may cause damage to the equipment. The majority of customers first reaction will be the oil problem. However, ultimately, after all kinds of investigation found that the cause of low pressure is the equipment itself. Today, let’s talk about the factors that affect the low pressure of diesel engines

Insufficient oil

If the oil volume is insufficient, the oil volume of the oil pump will be reduced or the oil will not be pumped due to the entry of air, which will reduce the oil pressure, and the crankshaft, bearings, cylinder liners and pistons will aggravate wear due to poor lubrication. Therefore, the oil level in the oil pan should be checked before working every day to ensure that the oil level is normal. If it is insufficient, the same type of oil produced by the same manufacturer should be added.

Oil pump failure

Oil pump failure, pumping too little oil, resulting in insufficient oil pressure, and poor heat dissipation, you should pay close attention to the oil pressure table, to ensure that the oil pump is in normal working condition. If the oil pump fails, it is best to find a professional maintenance person to repair it, and do not disassemble it if you are not good at it.

Oil pump wear

When the clearance between the pump shaft and the bushing, the clearance between the gear end face and the pump cover, the tooth side clearance, or the radial clearance is too large due to wear, it will lead to the reduction of the pump oil volume and the decrease of the oil pressure. In this case, the worn parts should be replaced and the inner plane of the pump cover should be ground to restore the clearance to the standard range with the gear end face.

Oil radiator leakage

External leakage will contaminate the engine surface, pressure drop, internal leakage so that the oil into the water tank, cooling system cooling effect becomes poor, the engine overheating, oil thinning, pressure drop, remove the radiator, repair or replace, restore its function.

Pressure sensor failure or oil blockage

If the pressure sensor malfunctions or the main oil channel to the pressure sensor oil channel blockage and oil flow is not smooth, the oil pressure will drop, you can do the following checks: engine idle, loosen the oil pipe joint, observe the oil flow, determine the fault site, replace the pressure sensor or clean the oil channel.

The oil grade is not suitable

Different engines need to add different grades of oil, the same type of engine in different seasons should also be selected for different grades of oil, if the selected oil is not suitable or poor quality oil, the engine will run due to low viscosity and increase leakage, pressure reduction , should be a correct and reasonable choice of oil, adapt to different models or seasons.

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